Vinyl Flooring Bangalore | Ovum Case Study

Ovum Hospital - Vinyl Flooring, Bangalore

Industry Type: Health Care
Client: Ovum Hospital
Location: Bangalore


OVUM Hospitals specializes in maternity and child care. It delivers standardized, high quality, patient-centric and effective pediatric and maternal medical care in Bangalore in a safe and hygienic environment. They are focused on bringing about a positive change in the field of maternal and neonatal care by implementing the best medical practices during pregnancy and for a healthy delivery. The flooring needed to ensure safety and good hygiene, and meet the requirement of hospital flooring.


We suggested using our most durable Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring products - IQ Optima Vinyl Floors, Wallgard Vinyl Walls & IQ Toro SC. We used static control flooring IQ Toro, high-quality static control flooring with an electrical resistance of 5 x 104–106 ohms for operation theatres. All these products are polyurethane reinforced and require no additional wax or polish through their life. These products are seamless and do not need refurbishment in any form or manner. This project was completed in July 2017. Wallgard was used to ensure the walls are clean room grade and anti bacterial and anti fungal. We also used optima in all rooms and other parts of the hospital. Optima is an IQ product and does not allow bacterial and fungi to grow and comes with multi colour welding rods.

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