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Axis House - Sports Flooring, Delhi

Client: Axis House
Location: Delhi


Axis Bank, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is one of the leading private-sector banks in India. It ranks as the third-largest and offers an extensive range of financial products. With a widespread presence, the bank operates through 3,703 branches, 13,814 ATMs, and maintains 9 international offices.  The client needed sports vinyl flooring for the Kids Play area for their employees.


We suggested the installation of the Impact Sport Floor from our collection of sports flooring products. The Impact Sport Floor is a type of heterogeneous vinyl sports floor that comprises several layers, each serving a specific purpose. These layers are designed to enhance dimensional stability, minimize maintenance requirements, prolong the lifespan of the flooring, and deliver optimal sports performance and shock absorption. Notably, the Impact Sport Floor is effortless to clean and maintain, while offering crucial joint protection and providing the ideal surface for competitive sports activities in the Kids Play area. This project was completed in Dec 2018.

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