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Avitis Super Specialty Hospital - Vinyl Flooring, Kerala

Industry Type: Health Care
Client: Avitis Super Specialty Hospital
Location: Kerala


Avitis is proposed as a 175-bed facility that will provide a comprehensive range of tertiary, super specialty medical care in the initial phase of operation. They aspire to progress and evolve into a quaternary hospital with several centers of excellence that will promote and encourage in-depth study, research, innovation and leading edge medical solutions and care. The flooring needed to ensure safety and good hygiene and meet the requirement of hospital flooring.


We recommended using a mix of Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Vinyl Floorings. Eclipse Premium, Primo SD & Toro SC from our flooring collections depending on the premise design & requirement. Eclipse Premium Vinyl Floors has a classic, non-directional design in a harmonized color range. Its favorable initial cost & low maintenance makes it a ready choice. It is PUR reinforced with no additional surface treatment needed. Primo SD Vinyl Floors range comes with modern and harmonious colours. This also is PUR reinforced, easy low cost maintenance with no additional surface treatment needed. We used static control flooring IQ Toro SC, high-quality static control flooring with an electrical resistance of 5 x 104–106 ohms for operation theatres. All these products are polyurethane reinforced and require no additional wax or polish through their life. These products are seamless and do not need refurbishment in any form or manner. These products were also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which improved hygiene of the patients. This project was completed in Sept 2018.

We have extensive experience in delivering custom flooring solutions to a wide range of businesses, including club house, developers, retail stores, health care, education, hospitality, office, outdoors, sports, and pharmaceutical companies. In addition to homogeneous vinyl flooring, we offer tailored solutions for engineered wood flooring, wood tiles design, heterogeneous vinyl flooring, vinyl wall paper, sports flooring, linoleum flooring, outdoor tiles, wooden laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, carpet flooring and ecofit flooring.

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