Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring At D Y Patil Medical College & Hospital | Square Foot

D Y Patil Medical College & Hospital

Industry Type: Health Care
Client: D Y Patil Medical College & Hospital
Location: Pune


D Y Patil is an established provider for quality education in all spheres of higher learning, particularly in Health Services. The client needed flooring for their Operation Theatres in the hospital. They needed it to be safe, hygienic and at the same time hold an aesthetic appeal. They needed hospital flooring which was static conductive.


We used many soothing shades from the iQ Toro SC range  homogeneous  Static control vinyl flooring. This type of homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring helps to control static electricity and has an electrical resistance of 5 x 104-106 ohms. Its classic non directional design offered great aesthetics to cheer up the otherwise serious and intimidating atmosphere in OTs. This product also yields the best life cycle cost due to its unique self regenerating properties.     This project was completed in June 2016. iQ Toro SC  as also has a VOC below quantifiable level and no phthalate, making it an ideal choice for hospital flooring.

We have extensive experience in delivering custom flooring solutions to a wide range of businesses, including club house, developers, retail stores, health care, education, hospitality, office, outdoors, sports, and pharmaceutical companies. In addition to homogeneous vinyl flooring, we offer tailored solutions for engineered wood flooring, wooden laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, outdoor tiles, wood tiles design, heterogeneous vinyl flooring, vinyl wall paper, sports flooring, linoleum flooring, carpet flooring and ecofit flooring.

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