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Columbia Asia - OT Flooring Case Study

Industry Type: Health Care
Client: Columbia Asia
Location: Ahmedabad

Columbia Asia hospitals are specifically designed for the needs of patients and built for maximum comfort and efficiency. Patients benefit from advanced medical diagnostics, treatment and the personal care that only comes in facilities where the focus is on each patient.


The client was looking for hospital flooring which was seamless, non porous, anti bacterial, anti fungal and could take medicinal chemicals. The client wanted floorings where designs could be created and which was used in hospitals internationally.

Our Solution:

We suggested we use Tarkett specific products for  hospitals flooring.

For all areas like corridors, patient rooms and areas where patients come in contact we have suggested either  IQ optima    or  standard plus    or somplan plus  homogeneous vinyl floors. These products are seamless, non porous, anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti slip floorings recommended for hospitals.

For specific areas like Cath lab and operation theatres we have suggested  Toro SC  which is conductive flooring.

The oldest installation we have for this client is 2007-08 now 6 years old

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