Artificial Grass Flooring At AIIMS Hospital In Delhi | Square Foot

AIIMS Hospital - Artificial Turf Flooring Case Study

Industry Type: Health Care
Client: AIIMS hospital
Location: Delhi

Location: New Delhi

Client: AIIMS strive hard to make world class clinical care available to millions of underprivileged citizens of India and neighboring countries. The strength of AIIMS lies in making available the best team of medical and surgical experts under one roof, state of the art equipments and their capacity to rise to the occasion to meet diagnostic or public health challenges.


The hospital had a water tank that had surface of around 15,000 sq ft. The client wanted to beautify the area and make it useful as well as expecting low maintenance.  This was also a place where relatives of patients would sit, take rest while they were anxiously waiting for medical news regarding their family and friends but as a water tank it was dusty and uncomfortable to sit on.


 We recommended client to use synthetic grass (also known as artificial turf) on the surface of water tank. Artificial turf has virtually zero maintenance and it became easy to install. It can withstand all the climatic conditions. With use of said product the surface of water tank became a comfortable place to sit in and relax while waiting at AIIMS. It was pleasant to be in, to look at and be around and literally helped to reduce stress and make people more relaxed. It was very successful and was extensively loved and used by people and still continues to be to this day.

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