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City Max Hotels India - Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Industry Type: Retail
Client: City Max Hotels (India) Pvt. Ltd
Location: Chennai


City Max provides Play Zone, a safe and secure place to slide, run, climb, jump around and enjoy. They were looking for kids flooring. The client wanted hotel flooring solutions which had a lot of colour options to create graphics on the floor, making a happy & cheerful ambience for the kids. As the client envisaged good traffic to the area, the flooring used had to be scratch resistant, easy to maintain and also consisted acoustic characteristics to dampen the noise.


Our team recommended the use of IQ Granit Vinyl Floors, which is a type of homogeneous vinyl flooring. It offers a variety of colors to add patterns and liveliness to the entire area. IQ Granit Vinyl Floors are durable and can withstand high levels of foot traffic, while also being easy to maintain. Additionally, they provide improved acoustic insulation for the space. Project was completed in Aug 2018.  

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