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SM Indresh Hospital - Vinyl Floors, Dehradun

Industry Type: Health Care
Client: SM Indresh Hospital
Location: Dehradun


Shri Mahant Indiresh Hospital is a super speciality hospital situated in the heart of Dehradun city. The hospital provides medical care to approximately 2000 patients every day, with dedicated attention from expert doctors. They have advanced facilities including MRI, 3D CT scan, digital X-rays, a modern diagnostic laboratory, a well-equipped ICU with ventilators, a dialysis unit, a plastic and burn unit, as well as specialized units for neurology, urology, and medical retina treatments. They also have a 24-hour emergency and trauma unit. The flooring needed to ensure safety and good hygiene, and meet the requirement of hospital flooring.


We suggested our  Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring  from the  Primo Premium Vinyl Floors  product range for its durability and safety.  Primo Premium Vinyl Floors are reinforced with PUR, which means they don't require any waxing or polishing throughout their lifespan. They also have very low VOC emissions, which are significantly below the strictest European standards. This makes them an ideal choice for healthcare facilities. The hospital vinyl flooring has properties that help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, ensuring a hygienic environment for the patients. Additionally, we used Wallgard Vinyl Wall covering in specific areas that required extra protection. The vinyl wall paper offers high-performance defense against stains, mechanical damage, and water and fluid exposure. The heat-welded seams of the wallcovering are accompanied by color-coordinated rods, adding an attractive touch to the surroundings. We installed the flooring and wall cladding in numerous areas including ICUs, Cath labs, X rooms, CT scan rooms, and corridors. This project was completed in July 2018.

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