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Office Flooring in Indore at Yash Technologies Pvt Ltd

Industry Type: Office
Client: Yash Technologies Pvt Ltd
Location: Indore


Yash Technologies Pvt Ltd, an IT solutions company, boasts a widespread presence with offices located throughout India. Their expertise extends to providing IT and automation solutions across diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Life sciences, BFSI, Mining, and Healthcare, among others.  

Their Indore office sought to enhance its premises with the installation of wooden flooring at the entrance, ensuring an inviting and professional ambiance. Additionally, they required a robust wooden outdoor deck flooring solution for their outdoor bridge and pool area, underlining their commitment to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.


To enhance the entrance of Yash Technologies Pvt Ltd's office and address their first requirement of flooring inside the office, we proposed an exquisite solution: Engineered wood flooring.  

Within this category, they opted for the enchanting shade of Oak Plank from our Plank Engineered Wood collection, which offers a selection of 10 beautiful and sophisticated colors. The specific choice for this project was the EWF Oak Plank 138, covering an impressive area of 950 square feet at the workstation's entrance.

The decision to embrace this flooring was underpinned as it boasts our most exclusive woods and designs which not only adds a touch of elegance but also promotes a serene and refined atmosphere. With its plank structure, this flooring imparts a sense of tranquility and exclusivity. Each floorboard consists of a single strip, giving rise to a timeless and classic appearance.

Furthermore, it offers flexibility with thickness options available in 12mm and 14mm, catering to various preferences and requirements.

For the outdoor bridge and pool area, our recommendation was drawn from our Outdoor Surface Wooden Flooring options. They chose the Teak Deck across 1800 square feet from our OWF Co-extrusion Long Deck collection, which presents a spectrum of three attractive colors ideal for outdoor decking projects.

The decision to opt for the Teak Deck was firmly supported by the remarkable qualities offered by our Co-extrusion deck, setting it apart as the most durable, attractive, fade and scratch-resistant, beautiful, and reliable composite deck board available in the industry. This composite deck board showcases unmatched performance and beauty.

Our co-extrusion deck is truly distinguished by its 360-degree capped wood plastic composite composition. This means that the deck boards are completely encapsulated in a layer of protective polymer, which makes them resistant to stains, mildew, mold, rotting, splitting, cracking, color fading, and the need for painting or oiling. This advanced engineering polymer is stronger than wood fiber, but it still has the natural look and feel of wood. This makes our co-extrusion deck the perfect choice for homeowners who want a beautiful and durable deck that requires minimal maintenance.

This not only ensures the longevity of the deck but also offers a high-quality, low-maintenance solution for outdoor spaces, making it the perfect selection for Yash Technologies Pvt Ltd's outdoor bridge and pool area.

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