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Top Vinyl Hospital Flooring in Indore

Industry Type: Hospitality
Client: Jyothi multispecialty hospital
Location: Indore


Jyoti Multi Speciality Hospital, a prestigious NABH-accredited healthcare institution in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is renowned for its medical excellence in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, the hospital specializes in obstetrics, gynaecology, orthopaedics, and general surgeries.  

Recognizing the critical importance of maintaining impeccably clean, safe, and hygienic facilities, especially in the pharmaceutical industry where health is paramount, the hospital sought a flooring solution. In response, to their requirements of a flooring solution which elevates safety, hygiene, and operational efficiency we suggested a high-quality hospital vinyl flooring at Jyoti Multi Speciality Hospital.


The client's choice for their flooring needs centered on SOMPLAN 350, a premium homogeneous vinyl flooring option. SOMPLAN 350 isn't just about looks it boasts practical features that make it a compelling choice. Its stain-resistant properties and low maintenance requirements set it apart in the world of flooring solutions.

One of its standout qualities is its virtually impenetrable surface, rendering it highly resistant to stains and spills which is crucial in commercial settings like hospitality spaces, where spills are a routine occurrence. Thanks to its robust construction, SOMPLAN 350 offers the convenience of easy maintenance, sparing businesses the need for frequent waxing or polishing over its lifespan. This translates into more time and resources dedicated to guest satisfaction rather than floor upkeep.

Durability is another key strength of this flooring option. It can endure heavy wear and tear with remarkable resilience, boasting a residual indentation of merely 0.3mm. This quality ensures that even in high-traffic areas, its pristine appearance remains intact despite extensive use. It's not just a flooring choice it's a long-term investment in performance and aesthetics.

Moreover, SOMPLAN 350 has earned the prestigious Cleanroom certification, signifying its adherence to rigorous standards. Cleanroom certification involves a comprehensive assessment of various parameters, including static electricity, airborne particles, relative humidity, temperature, and differential pressure. This certification attests that the vinyl flooring is eminently suitable for deployment in environments where cleanliness and contamination control are of paramount importance, such as healthcare facilities and other critical spaces.

In a project executed with precision and expertise, we completed the installation of SOMPLAN 350 in August 2023, covering an impressive area of 1650 square feet. The selected shades, 7008 and 7024, further enhanced the visual appeal of the space, showcasing the versatility and quality of SOMPLAN 350 as the ideal flooring solution.

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