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MKG projects: Primarc Astitva

Industry Type: Outdoors
Client: MKG projects: Primarc Astitva
Location: Kolkata


Primarc started with retail in 1988 and later diversified into realty. This has been followed by e-retail, distribution and angel investing. It owns prominent property locations across Kolkata and is committed towards social wellbeing of the society in general through its ventures. Client needed quick installation of outdoor flooring which would be attractive and durable for its swimming pool area and terraces.


Composite wenge long deck, from our outdoor wood surfaces was selected after carefully studying exteriors of this project. Long decks complimented open areas and made them look spacious. They were also easy to install, durable and easy to clean. This product is also environment friendly and 100% recyclable.  This project was completed in September 2016.

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