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Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring in Bangalore at Philips innovation

Industry Type: Office
Client: Philips innovation
Location: Bangalore


Philips, the renowned Dutch multinational conglomerate, has established an innovation campus in Bangalore, India, dedicated to pioneering product innovation across a wide spectrum, encompassing personal care, mother & childcare, household products, lighting, health, automotive, and more. In recognition of the considerable foot traffic experienced within their expansive campus with approximately 12 floors, Philips sought a robust and enduring hospital flooring solution.

When addressing the demands of high-traffic areas, several flooring options merit consideration. The choice of flooring would be determined by Philips' specific requirements, durable, stand the wear and tear, easy to maintain and aesthetic objectives.


Our recommendation for the client was high-quality vinyl flooring from the Eclipse range, perfectly aligning with their requirements.

The client's choice for their flooring solution centered on the ID Essential 30 collection, premium heterogeneous compact vinyl flooring. To meet their specific requirements for high-traffic areas like corridors and the pantry, they opted for a 5mm thickness to ensure durability.

The ID Essential collection offers a range of impressive benefits. Firstly, it is available in a broad spectrum of 43 color options, providing clients with a wealth of choices. The collection also supports both plank and tile formats, which can be easily combined to craft a unique and personalized flooring design.

In terms of durability and sustainability, ID Essential stands out. It's treated with TopClean XP, which imparts a tougher surface and simplifies maintenance, reducing the need for excessive water, energy, and chemical detergents. This not only enhances its resilience but also makes it exceptionally easy to clean, contributing to its sustainability by reducing environmental impact.

The ID Essential collection incorporates a robust 0.3mm PUR PVC transparent water layer, which is exceptionally durable and resistant to indentation. Not only does this enhance its longevity and ability to withstand wear and tear, but it also plays a crucial role in improving indoor environmental quality and air purity.

In this project executed with precision and expertise, we completed the installation of ID Essential 30 in September 2023, covering an impressive area of 45000 square feet. The selected shades, the HE-ID Essential Country Oak-Natural and HE-ID Essential Soft Oak Beige variants with 5 mm thickness.

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