Laminate Flooring Case Study For Palladium Builders

One Bangalore West

Industry Type: Developers
Client: Palladium Builders
Location: Bangalore


The client was coming up with premium apartments and was looking for solutions that exude luxury, while ensuring functionality and durability. The client was also looking for suitable wooden flooring for their apartments and also sports solutions for their clubhouse which houses facilities like badminton court, multipurpose court, yoga room, gym, table tennis, billiards and crèche etc.


Keeping in mind the clients requirement, we suggested the design concept of double width plank laminate flooring called Infinite. Honey oak and coffee oak product is this series are the widest plank in the laminate wood flooring. Their high durability and scratch resistance was well appreciated. The product comes with beveled edge and silicon treated edges.

For the club house, our team suggested impact sports flooring, which is specialized flooring for all sports activities. As per the usage of the area, and intensity of activities that will be carried out, we suggest a 6.50mm for the multipurpose court, 5mm for the badminton court, 3.45 mm for the crèche and the yoga room. These floorings ensure the users do not get hurt and also do not impact the sports performance of the players as they are a point- elastic surface. Having different thicknesses also ensures that you get maximum performance as needed in areas at the same time get a price benefit which you can manage.

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