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BARBECUE NATION - Restaurant Flooring Case Study

Industry Type: Office
Client: Barbecue Nation
Location: Mumbai


The client is a busy restaurant which was looking for a floor which would be attractive, suitable for use in a restaurant, open to the customer environment and at the same time would easily take in the wear and tear required of a hotel flooring including spills and stains of oil, grease, water and heavy traffic of customers as well as wait staff.


The customer picked high-end  homogeneous vinyl flooring, the 2mm Tarkett Optima from our range. This comes in a range of attractive colours and is at the same time made for heavy-duty usage and is non-porous so doesn't absorb stains or retain dirt. At the same time, it is completely waterproof where even if water falls on it through diners or restaurant staff the floor remains the same way and doesn't get spoiled if not cleaned immediately. The vinyl floor is easy to clean and is guaranteed to stay this way for over 10 years.

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