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Birla Public School

Industry Type: Education
Client: Birla Public School
Location: Kerala


Birla Public School, Ganganagar is a world-class school run by Birla Education Trust, Pilani. It is a co-educational, English-medium, CBSE-affiliated, fully air-conditioned day school located in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. The school is spread across a sprawling campus of 4 hectares and offers a wide range of facilities for co-curricular activities, including state-of-the-art playgrounds, basketball and volleyball courts, a swimming pool, and horse riding. Considering the heavy traffic requirements, the school flooring was required to be durable with warranty is for 10 years, also it should be hygienic & easy to clean.


The client selected  Eclipse Premium Vinyl Floors    from our Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring  category of products. Eclipse Premium Floors combines quality, functional needs and low maintenance costs. It guarantees enhanced protection and easier maintenance. Vinyl Flooring is available in an attractive non-linear pattern palette of 66 colors coordinated with the other products and accessories of the Premium multi-solution family.  Homogeneous vinyl floors are a type of flooring that is made to withstand heavy traffic. They are also easy to maintain and a great choice for commercial and industrial applications. This project was completed in May 2019.

We have extensive experience in delivering custom flooring solutions to a wide range of businesses, including club house, developers, retail stores, health care, education, hospitality, office, outdoors, sports, and pharmaceutical companies. In addition to homogeneous vinyl flooring, we offer tailored solutions for engineered wood flooring, wood tiles design, heterogeneous vinyl flooring, vinyl wall paper, sports flooring, linoleum flooring, outdoor tiles, wooden laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, carpet flooring and ecofit flooring.

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