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Hetero drugs

Industry Type: Pharma
Client: Hetero drugs
Location: Hyderabad


Hetero is a player in the active pharmaceutical ingredients market and finished dosages. It has marketing presence in over 100 countries. Hetero has supplied antiretroviral drugs to patients across 125 countries. The client was looking for premium hygienic industrial flooring for its manufacturing facility. The flooring had to be durable, hard-wearing and delivered impressive scratch and impact resistant qualities.


We suggested the client to use IQ Optima Vinyl Floors, Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring. With outstanding performance and an exceptional range of colors, it is suitable for heavy traffic areas. IQ Optima Vinyl Floors with its unique self-regenerating properties offers excellent resistance to impact, scratches and scuff marks. It provides best life cycle costs on the market as it is highly durable. The VOC of the flooring is below quantifiable level and phthalate free which was an appropriate choice, matching all the requirements of the clients. This project was completed in Feb 2018.

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