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Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - Airport Flooring Case Study

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Location: Mumbai

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is South Asia's second busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic and the busiest airport in India in terms of international passenger traffic and the second busiest in terms of overall passenger traffic. The airport has five operating terminals spread over an operational area of 4,320 acres and is India's and South Asia's largest and most important airline hub CSIA handled 30.74 million passengers and 656,369 tonnes of cargo during FY 2011-12.

Location: Mumbai


The client required a high intensity floor for an airport usage to take traffic for more than 25,000 passengers per day, including resistance to airport trolleys, bags, wheels, suitcases which would fall on the floor and could indent the floor as well.


MIAL has found a perfect solution in the Tarkett Century Kroma product which is very high end  heterogeneous vinyl floor    with a 1.6mm wear layer and is stronger and harder than any other vinyl floor in the world. This is a compact floor hence it does not indent with movement of heavy traffic. At the time of application the product was beta tested in a live environment with 2 other competitor products which gave away within 2 months while it has now been more than 4 years of usage for the happy passengers at MIAL who are welcomed into Mumbai with this high end  airport flooring solution. The project was effortlessly managed along stringent timelines by Square Foot who ensured work was done as per specifications in all areas including areas with restricted access. The value addition on the project was the correct recommendation of the appropriate product suitable for this kind of area when most vendors just attempt to play up on price without understanding the customers requirements for performance.

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