Sports Vinyl Flooring Case Study For Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd

Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd

Industry Type: Office
Client: Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd
Location: Delhi


Adobe is known for creating digital experiences that offer creative, marketing and document solutions that empower global brands. Being a youth driven organization that fosters creativity, they needed to inject ‘fun’ in their ambience. For the gym and table tennis rooms, they needed vibrant, maintenance friendly and safe flooring options to choose from. The flooring had to be non slippery, exude friendliness and at the same time stand the wear and tear due to the heavy traffic of the staff.


We suggested our 6.5mm thick, Impact sports flooring. The present gym floor was in a very bad condition and it was already in use. Impact Sports vinyl flooring gave them numerous options to choose from in terms of colour and at the same time the product was suitable for heavy duty usage. Impact sports also provides the right shock absorbption for your knees and critical joints when you play sports or exercise. It a perfect gymnasium and sports flooring. Its non porous surface made it easy to remove stains and dirt. The floor was easy to clean and comes with a 10 year guarantee. This project was successfully completed in September 2016.

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