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Bangalore International Airport

Industry Type: Office
Client: Bangalore International Airport
Location: Bangalore


Kempegowda International Airport  is an  international airport    serving  Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of  Karnataka  and is owned and operated by Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL), a  public private consortium. It is the  third-busiest airport by passenger traffic    in the country, behind the airports in  Delhi    and  Mumbai, and is the  29th busiest airport in Asia. The requirement was for corridor & ramp area to withstand the high traffic.


The client selected Iq Optima from our Homogenous vinyl range. Homogeneous vinyl floors are made to withstand heavy traffic. OPTIMA is an iQ (intelligent quality) flooring which means it is a high quality, low maintenance homogeneous vinyl flooring for commercial applications. It needs no wax or polish for life and offers excellent maintenance properties. It is also extremely hard wearing and durable. All this gives it the markets lowest life cycle cost. Available in both sheets and tiles, in a 1.5mm version that can be used as a wet flooring or heavy duty wall vinyl. This project was completed in Aug 2020.

We have also provided customized flooring solutions for  Sports Organizations,  Retail Stores,  Restaurants,  Hospitals,  Schools,  Airports,  Pharma  and other sectors. Apart from  Vinyl flooring, we also offer customized solutions in  Solid Wood Floors,  Sports Wood Floors,  Hardwood Floors,  Engineered Wood Floor  and  Carpets.

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