Engineered Wood Flooring At Sterlite Industries India Pvt. Ltd In Mumbai | Square Foot

Sterlite Industries India Pvt. Ltd - Corporate Office Flooring Case Study

Industry Type: Office
Client: Sterlite Industries India Pvt. Ltd
Location: Mumbai


The client was making a corporate office near the airport in Mumbai. The client wanted to make an office with warm interiors and wanted wood flooring on the floor on all the floors in particular areas and also in some cabins. The flooring needed to be easy to maintain and withstand large volume of office staff through its life.

Our solution:

We suggested engineered hardwood floor in beech plank for their office. The product is a timeless and neutral floor which allows any kind of interiors and color pallets to be used in common areas and in office floors. The product comes in fixed lengths of 6’ making the areas look nice and upscale. This product comes with a special Protect Lacquer which is a commercial grade lacquer and does not allow easy wear and tear. Being an engineered floor this can be installed floating and installation is very quick.

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