Luxury Vinyl Flooring At Architecture Autonomous In Goa | Square Foot

Architecture Autonomous - Luxury Vinyl Flooring, Goa

Industry Type: Retail
Client: Architecture Autonomous
Location: Goa


Architecture Autonomous is an art gallery in the city of Goa. The client was looking for suitable flooring solutions for their showroom area.



Client was happy to select ID 30 Vinyl Floors (Soft Oak Light Brown) from our wide range of products from the Luxury Viny Tiles (ID 30 is from Luxury VinyL Tiles Category). ID 30 Vinyl Floors product range was recommended for its zero maintenance feature and great aesthetics. The client chose a pattern that imitated wood flooring and this lent an upscale look to its premises. An Embossed in Register surface aspect of the flooring provides a realistic look to the flooring. The TopClean™ PUR reinforcement offers extreme resistance and easy low cost maintenance. The range is also suitable since it has a quick turnaround time. Project was completed in Aug 2018.

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