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Wework India Management Pvt. Ltd.

Industry Type: Office
Client: Wework India Management Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Mumbai


We work is the world's largest coworking space and in India they have just launched across Mumbai and Bangalore. Client wanted to go ahead with this commercial project with scratch free , easy to maintain and clean floor.


The client liked and selected EWF Oak Plank 138 from the  engineered wood flooring  collection. Engineered Oak 138 mm is 138mm wide, 14mm thick and comes in fixed lengths of 2200mm.   The floor gives a warm look to any area being a hardwood floor. The product does not expand/ contract as per the fluctuations in temperature and is easy to maintain and clean. We have done around 70,162 sq ft.  This project was completed in Nov 2017.

We have extensive experience in delivering custom flooring solutions to a wide range of businesses, including  club house,  developers,  retail stores,  health care,  education,  hospitality,  office,  outdoors,  sports, and  pharmaceutical companies. In addition to  engineered flooring, we offer tailored solutions for  laminate wood flooring,  hardwood flooring,  outdoor flooring tiles,  wood tiles design,  homogeneous vinyl flooring,  heterogeneous vinyl flooring,  vinyl wall paper,  linoleum flooring,  sports flooring,  carpet flooring  and  ecofit flooring.

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