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The Leela Palace Hotels & Resorts

Industry Type: Hospitality
Client: The Leela Palace Hotels & Resorts
Location: Mumbai


The Leela Palaces Hotels and Resorts, commonly known as The Leela, is an Indian luxury hotel chain which has over eight properties across India and continues to extend high living experiences to its guests. The client who has been with us for many years, was looking for trendy wood flooring for its globe- trotting guests.


The client selected merbau 3 strip from  engineered wood  for its rooms. We suggested add any underlay of 8mm thick rubber to ensure the room was sound proof. The client appreciated the foresight and experienced better results. Merbau's earthy colour and contemporary pattern of strips was well liked by the client's fastidious interior designer. The product also proved to be durable for heavy traffic and easy to clean and maintain. It is both stain and scratch resistant. This project was completed in 2013.

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