Engineered Wood Flooring At Silver Springs Pleasure Resort In Goa | Square Foot

Silver Springs Pleasure Resorts Pvt. Ltd

Industry Type: Hospitality
Client: Silver Springs Pleasure Resorts Pvt. Ltd
Location: Goa


Celebrated as one of the city's best, Silver Springs Pleasure Resort Pvt. Ltd in Goa. The hotel is strategically located in Varca. Many have also reviewed the hotel to be among the sought after Hotels in Goa. With the aim of pampering its guests to a thrilling experience, the hotel features a plethora of services. The hotel is also classified as a destination to resort to when in need of Hotels, Resorts. The client was also looking for suitable flooring for their Luxury rooms, etc.


Keeping in mind the client's requirement, we suggested our Engineered wood Flooring  Oak Plank 138 mm. A floor made of plank exudes a sense of calmness and exclusivity. Each floorboard consists of just one strip, creating a classic look. This type of floor features our most exclusive woods and designs and they all add a calming influence to the interiors. Project was completed in Feb 2019.

We have also provided customized flooring solutions for  Sports Organizations,  Retail Stores,  Restaurants,  Hospitals,  Schools,  Airports,  Pharma  and other sectors. Apart from  Vinyl flooring, we also offer customized solutions in  Solid Wood Floors,  Sports Wood Floors,  Hardwood Floors,  Engineered Wood Floor  and  Carpets.

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