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Shivalik Public School

Industry Type: Education
Client: Shivalik Public School
Location: Delhi


Shivalik Public School has four established chains of schools in North India. It aspires for all round development of its students physical, intellectual, moral, social and spiritual. The client needed sports flooring for its Chandigarh school  indoor stadium. They needed the flooring to meet strict standards and specifications for use in interstate basketball championships.


Impact sports flooring Excel 8.3 mm was used from the vinyl range. Impact sports 8.3 mm is a heterogeneous vinyl sports floor, meaning that it consists of multiple layers.  These layers enhance dimensional stability, reduce maintenance requirements, increase durability, and provide optimal sports performance and shock absorption.  Apart from basketball a multipurpose sports court was also created as per the international norms. This project was completed in December 2014. Impact Sports is easy to maintain and clean and protects the critical joints in growing children to give them the right amount of impetus and surface to play sports competitively.

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