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Rama World - Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Client: Rama World
Location: Bilaspur


In the last 5 years, Rama Real Estate Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001-2008 certified company has developed some signature projects with well known architects, planners and landscape designers. RAMA Group takes the concept of medieval city pattern. An amalgamation of culture and architecture, Rama World is built on the medieval city pattern. In this particular pattern, the layout adapts two things, firstly the street scape is with wide and narrow openings, secondly the street square is designed with public & semi public spaces. Client needed a quick installation in the gym & club house area for its residents.


Sports  Vinyl Flooring was used from the vinyl range of  Impact  Sports 6.5 mm. It is a  heterogeneous vinyl sports floor, meaning that it consists of multiple layers. Each layer or coating serves a distinct purpose, such as enhancing dimensional stability, reducing maintenance requirements, prolonging the floor's lifespan, and providing optimal sports performance and shock absorption. The Sports Flooring is designed to be easily maintained and cleaned, ensuring a hygienic playing surface. It also offers crucial joint protection for growing children, providing them with the necessary support and a suitable playing surface for competitive sports activities. This project was completed in Sept 2017

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