Homogeneous Vinyl & Wall Vinyl Flooring At Masonic Medical Centre

Masonic Medical Centre for Children

Industry Type: Health Care
Client: Masonic Medical Centre for Children
Location: Coimbatore


Making available one of the best pediatric services is Masonic Medical Centre For Children Hospital in Coimbatore. Offering an exemplary care and medical help to infants, children and adolescents, this renowned medical practitioner has earned a wide recognition over the years & is providing distinguished services since 1999. Masonic Medical Centre For Children Hospital in Coimbatore owns a modern and state-of-the-art facility, fully equipped to provide medical care to the children in coordination with the family of the child. Client was looking for a cost effective anti-bacterial floor and wall with good installation. The flooring needed to ensure safety and good hygiene and meet the requirement of hospital flooring.


The client selected Eclipse Premium Vinyl Floors & Aquarelle Wall Vinyl Covering from our Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring & Wall Vinyl Coverings. Eclipse Premium Vinyl Floors combines quality, functional needs and low maintenance costs. It guarantees enhanced protection and easier maintenance. It is available in an attractive, non-linear pattern palette of 66 colors coordinated with the other products and accessories of the premium multi-solution family. Aquarelle Wall Vinyl Covering is a PVC wall covering especially suitable for use in wet areas. This flooring does not contribute to spreading of infection. It is available in 1m widths and is 0.92mm thick. This project was completed in Apr 2019.

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