Outdoor Flooring At Wework In Bangalore| Square Foot


Industry Type: Outdoors
Client: Wework
Location: Bangalore


We work in the world's largest coworking space and India, they have just launched across Mumbai and Bangalore. The client wanted to go ahead with this commercial project with a scratch-free, easy-to-maintain, and clean floor. The requirement specifically was for the terrace area planter box, sitting area & flooring


Composite  outdoor flooring  from our outdoor wood surfaces was selected after carefully studying the exteriors of this project. The composite made from bamboo plastic mixtures comes in planks of 2200mm standard length. The products are installed on a sub-base to control expansion and contraction of teak for natural wood or composite for the BPC. This project was completed in July 2019.

We have also provided customized flooring solutions for Sports Organizations, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Airports, Pharma and other sectors. Apart from Outdoor flooring, we also offer customized solutions in Solid Wood Floors, Laminate Wood Floors, Hardwood Floors, Engineered Wood Floor, Carpet and Vinyl Flooring.

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