Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring At Rainbow Hospital In Bangalore | Square Foot


Industry Type: Health Care
Client: Rainbow Hospital
Location: Bangalore


The client is a renowned name and aims to provide high standards of care for the mother, fetus, newborn and children. The flooring had to be bacteria and fungi free flooring, seamless and non-porous. They also wanted to create a colourful and cheerful ambience to ease the anxiety of the kids and the parents. The flooring also needed to be durable for minimum 10 years of heavy use by people, machines and trolleys.


We suggested conductive flooring Toro SC be used in the operation theatres and using  homogeneous vinyl flooring  eclipse premium in the common areas. We were able to use various colours and create patterns giving the ambience an up-lift. We have installed 86000 sft of flooring in 2015. The flooring is easy to maintain, joint free and comes with multi-colour welding rods. The coving cum capping ensures that there is no dirt accumulation at wall and floor joints.

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