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Prominent person in Goa

Industry Type: Outdoors
Client: Prominent person in Goa
Location: Goa


A residence of Goa approached us with their flooring requirement. They needed  outdoor Deck Flooring around the house on the ground floor  of their residential premise. It should be attractive and durable.


Keeping in mind the client's requirement, we suggested Co-extrusion decking in walnut shade from our outdoor wood range.  The Co-Extrusion Deck is known for its exceptional durability, attractive appearance, and resistance to fading and scratching. It is widely regarded as the most beautiful and reliable composite deck board available, offering unmatched performance and aesthetic appeal. This outdoor wood decking option is crafted using a 360-degree capped wood plastic composite. It utilizes an advanced engineering polymer that provides superior protection against stains, mildew, mold, rotting, splitting, cracking, color fading, and the need for painting or oiling. The board combines the strength of high-density polyethylene plastic and wood fibers, while the outer shell of polymer completely encases the board, creating an impermeable layer of protection. This project was completed in July2020.

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