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Torrent Pharma

Industry Type: Outdoors
Client: Torrent Pharma
Location: Indore


Torrent Pharmaceuticals is a healthcare company that operates in more than 40 countries with over 2000 product registrations globally. Torrent Pharma is active in the therapeutic areas of Cardiovascular (CV), central nervous system (CNS), gastro-intestinal, diabetology, anti-infective and pain management segments. Client needed outdoor flooring for their office premises.


A combination of co-extrusion & composite deck flooring from our  outdoor wood surfaces  were selected by the client after carefully studying exteriors of this project. Co-Extrusion Deck is the most durable, most attractive, most fade and scratch resistant, most beautiful and most reliable composite deck board with unmatched performance and beauty in the industry. It is a 360 degree capped wood plastic composite which uses an advanced engineering polymer to create a formulation which gives the boards better protection against stains, mildew mold, rotting, splitting or cracking, color facing, painting or oiling. It combines the proven strength of high density polyethylene plastic and wood fibers with an outer shell of polymer that completely encapsulates the board in a impermeable layer of protection. Composite outdoor flooring from our  outdoor wood surfaces  was selected after carefully studying exteriors of this project. The composite made from bamboo plastic mixtures comes in planks of 2200mm standard length. The products are installed on a sub-base to control expansion and contraction of teak for natural wood or composite for the BPC. This project was completed in May 2018.

We have also provided customized flooring solutions for  Sports Organizations,  Retail Stores,  Restaurants,  Hospitals,  Schools,  Airports,  Pharma  and other sectors. Apart from Outdoor flooring, we also offer customized solutions in  Solid Wood Floors,  Laminate Wood Floors,  Hardwood Floors,  Engineered Wood Floor, Carpet and  Vinyl Flooring.

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