Vinyl Flooring At IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd In Mumbai | Square Foot

IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd.

Industry Type: Education
Client: IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd.
Location: Mumbai


IMS preschool provides skilling programs in Finance, Accounting, Analytics and Marketing largely to graduate students. They have programs in Electrical, Mechanical, Retailing, and Healthcare domains under the PPP mode. They identify future professional opportunities build new age skilling programs innovate on how to engage the youth mentor, motivate and guide the youth to build their future. They help individuals to acquire skills and industry leading certifications and help them to find employment. They also help corporations in building pool of trained resources. Client needed flooring solutions for their institutional premises.


We installed artificial turf of 25mm blade along with Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring - Acczent Essential 55 Meteor (Elegant Oak Light Brown). The blades come with four shades of green which make them imitate real grass very closely. This product is durable as the blades are stitched to the base pad. Thus, they can’t be pulled out even if an adult applied full force. It is also easy to clean and maintains its look for years to come. Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring is an ergonomical and technical solution for heavy traffic areas especially in educational sectors. Mix and match of colors and designs provides an acoustic feel with less stress and strain. The flooring is an antibacterial and anti-fungal solution so kids are protected even if they walk bare feet on the same. The project was completed in July 2018.

We have also provided custom flooring solutions for Restaurants , Retail Stores , Buildings , Hospitals , Schools , Airports , Pharma and other companies. Apart from Outdoor Wood Floors we also offer custom solutions in Solid Wood Floors, Laminate Floors, Vinyl Floors, Hardwood Floors, Engineered Floors and Laminate Floors

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