Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Solutions: ILS Hospital - Case Study

ILS Hospital

Industry Type: Health Care
Client: ILS Hospital
Location: Kolkata


GPT Healthcare Private Limited is the Healthcare wing of GPT Group. Currently, it owns and operates 400+ beds across 3 State-of-the-art Multi Specialty hospitals under the brand name “ILS Hospitals”. ILS Hospitals is among the best multi-specialty hospitals in Kolkata & Agartala which provide extensive treatment and surgeries at affordable price. Considering the heavy traffic requirements, the flooring was required to be durable also it should be hygienic & easy to clean.


The client selected IQ Toro SC & Wallgard from our Homogeneous Vinyl category of products. Toro SC is static control flooring for highly sensitive and technical areas, with IQ PUR for durability and easy maintenance. It is a perfect combination of design and technique, conductive solutions with the highest environmental performance. Wallgard is a homogeneous heavy duty wall covering with unique PU-Shield surface for better hygiene and cleanliness. Subtle and discreet designs with modern colours can be installed vertically or horizontally. This project was completed in Aug 2019.

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