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Gopal Sharma International School

Client: Gopal Sharma International School
Location: Mumbai


Gopal Sharma International School (ICSE) started in the year 2006, is an extension to its already renowned and established Gopal Sharma Memorial School & Powai English High School (both catering to state board education) and the Chandraban Sharma Junior and Degree College. It is a co-educational school and is open to children of all communities managed by a team of dedicated and committed staff. Client needed flooring for their school premises.


Impact Sports Floor 3.45 mm (Oak Classic) was used from the vinyl range. Impact Sports is a heterogeneous vinyl sports floor, meaning that it consists of multiple layers. Each layer or coating has a unique function, such as increasing dimensional stability, reducing maintenance, increasing longevity, and providing sports performance and shock absorption. Impact Sports is easy to maintain and clean and protects the critical joints in growing children to give them the right amount of impetus and surface to play sports competitively. This project was completed in May 2018.

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