Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring Solution At Future Enterprise In Mulund

Future Enterprise Mulund

Industry Type: Retail
Client: Future Enterprise Mulund
Location: PAN India


Future Group is a big company in India, and they have their main office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. They are famous for their stores in India where you can buy things and clothes. Some of their stores you might know are Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar for groceries and stores like Brand Factory and Central for fashion. They also make food and everyday things that you use at home. Two of their companies, Future Retail Limited and Future Lifestyle Fashions Limited, are among the top retail companies on the stock market in India. They needed retail flooring for their store in Mumbai that won't get easily scratched and can handle a lot of people walking on it.


We suggested to the client that they use IQ Optima Vinyl Floors, which is a type of homogeneous vinyl flooring. It is very durable and can be used in areas with a lot of traffic. It is also resistant to impacts, scratches, and scuff marks. Additionally, it has a low VOC content and is free of phthalates, which makes it a safe and healthy choice for indoor use. We completed this project in July 2018.

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