Outdoor Rubber Floors: Outdoor Basketball Flooring, Mumbai

Basketball Federation of India - Sports Flooring Case Study

Industry Type: Education
Client: YMCA, Navi Mumbai
Location: Mumbai

The Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) is one of the oldest and largest non-profit community service organizations in India. A community based organization we work collaboratively with government and non government organizations, and partners to provide a range of programmes and services to  build strong people, strong families, and strong communities.  

Location: Mumbai                


The client Basketball Federation of India (BFI) was hosting a NBA co sponsored event in India and wanted an easy to lay outdoor basketball flooring. The event was an national inter state basketball tournament to promote the growth of basketball in India. They wanted something that was fast to lay and after the event could be removed and taken around to various places.


Square Foot provided a professional high end outdoor rubber floors used for high end basketball tournaments. This was loose layed and cut to shape. The design was made so that 2 colours could highlight key areas so it would become easier for players to see what zone they would be moving into without necessary having to focus only on the lines. The work was completed in 48 hours flat and tournament level line markings were done and after the game the floor was ready to be removed, cleaned and rolled up and sent to the next place for the next tournament.

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