Sports Flooring Solution At RNS Infrastructure In Bangalore | Square Foot

RNS Infrastructure

Industry Type: Education
Client: RNS Infrastructure
Location: Bangalore


RNS Infrastructure has successfully executed many landmark infrastructure projects like dams, highways, bridges, tunnels, and powerhouses. RNS Group has diverse interests in construction, properties, automobiles, manufacturing, power, hospitality, and education. The client required vinyl flooring for its educational property in Bangalore.


Square Foot provided a professional high-end sports flooring - Impact Sports 3.45mm for their multipurpose hall. Impact Sports is easy to maintain and clean and protects the critical joints & gives them the right amount of impetus and surface to play sports competitively. It comes in 3 variants to meet the high level of performance and resistance available in a multitude of colours and wood colour options to energize sports practice This project was completed in Nov2020.

We have also provided customized flooring solutions for Sports Organizations,  Retail   Stores,  Restaurants,  Hospitals,  Schools,  Airports,  Pharma    and other sectors. Apart from  Vinyl flooring, we also offer customized solutions in  Solid Wood Floors,  Sports Wood Floors,  Hardwood Floors,  Engineered Wood Floor    and  Carpets.

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