Wooden Laminate Flooring For Reid & Taylor Office In Mumbai


Industry Type: Retail
Client: Reid&Taylor
Location: Mumbai



Reid &Taylor is a clothing brand under the umbrella of S. Kumars Nationwide Limited  or  SKNL a textile and apparel company with expertise in multi-fibre manufacturing presently under liquidation. Client required flooring for its store based in Mumbai location.


Based on the client requirement 3 different products were selected, all from wooden laminate flooring - Fishbone Fortress Ashford, French Oak Vercors & Harmony 832 Wenge. Fishbone is a design laminate flooring with a chevron look. The modern design of chevron created unevenly on a fishbone floor. The floor looks handcrafted and is perfect for discerning customers looking for a modern design floor with a natural look. The 4-side mini bevel floor looks like an old and worn out rewatched floor which can help complete your modern interiors. Nature is replicated in French oak collection. The floors come Embossed in Register(EIR) with 4 side V groove and are as close to natural oak that you can find in laminate. It's available in 3 natural tones of oak to complete your floor as naturally as a laminate flooring can. The Harmony collection is made in Germany under stringent Green Standards. It is a Class 32/ AC 4 product. Floors come with a wood grain texture and feel & is suited for Homes and Commercial areas. This project was completed in Jan 2021.

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