Classica Laminate Wooden Flooring At Nestates Projects In Bangalore | Square Foot

Nestates Projects Pvt. Ltd

Industry Type: Developers
Client: Nestates Projects Pvt. Ltd
Location: Bangalore


Nestates Projects Pvt. Ltd puts much emphasis on providing housing options that truly allows the concepts of more space, luxury, service and privacy at the cost of fewer apartments. The client required suitable  flooring  for different apartments.


Client selected Laminate Flooring  Classica range (oak brionne, nut sienna, ipelapacho) as the flooring option. The Classica 832 collection comes with comfy flooring for sweet dreams. It is scratch resistant and easy to maintain floors, perfectly made to withstand the demanding rooms. The project was completed in Apr 2019.

We have also provided customized flooring solutions for  Sports Organizations,  Retail Stores,  Restaurants,  Hospitals,  Schools,  Airports,  Pharma  and other sectors. Apart from laminate flooring, we also offer customized solutions in  Solid Wood Floors,  Sports Wood Floors,  Hardwood Floors,  Engineered Wood Floor, Carpet and  Vinyl Flooring.

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