Homogeneous Vinyl Floors: Buy IQ Optima 3242205 Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Article Code:3242205
Weight:2700g / m²
Total Thickness:2.0 mm
Feature Technical Information
Classification 34/43
Requirements for classification
Total Thickness 2.0 mm
Wear layer thickness 2.0 mm
Total weight 2700g / m²
PU or Surface treatment New iQ PUR
Abrasion group Group T < 2.00 mm³
Technical performances
Residual indentation 0.02 mm < 0.10 mm
Reaction to fire Bft s1 > 8k W / m Pass
Dimensional stability Rolls: < 0.40% Tiles: 0.25%
Castor wheel test Suitable
Static electrical charge < 2kV
Light fastness > Level 7
Chemical resistance Excellent
Fungi and bacteria resistance Does not favour growth
Clean room test Class A Class 4
Slip resistance R9 > 0.3
Thermal resistance underfloor heating 0.01m2 K / W Suitable-max. 27 °C
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