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Design floors are made out of solid and engineered hardwood flooring, and are easy to install over traditional wooden flooring.

Our pre-finished and factory-made design floors come in a variety of styles to choose from, and can be customized to your specific needs.


Chevron flooring is a type of patterned hardwood flooring where the floorboards are laid out in a Chevron pattern. The ends of each board are cut at an angle so that when two boards meet, they form a perfect V shape. This creates a long string of arrows and a zigzag appearance when the pattern flows across an entire floor. Chevron flooring is a popular choice for homeowners because it is both stylish and durable. It is also relatively easy to install, making it a good option for DIY projects.

The Differences in Herringbone vs. Chevron Patterns

Herringbone and chevron flooring are two popular types of patterned hardwood flooring that feature shorter floorboards laid out at angles. However, there are key differences in the way the planks are cut and installed.

Herringbone flooring is made with rectangular planks that are all cut to the same size and laid out at a 90-degree angle to each other. This creates a kind of broken zigzag pattern that is prized for its asymmetry and visual movement. Herringbone flooring can help to make smaller spaces seem larger.

In contrast, Chevron patterns are crafted using planks with ends cut at specific angles, resulting in a convergence that forms an inverted V pattern. This Chevron floor pattern bears a striking resemblance to a continuous series of arrows, running the entire length of the floor. Chevron floors exude vitality, contributing to the creation of a sense of opulence and expansiveness within a room.

On the other hand, Herringbone floors employ rectangular planks arranged at precise 90-degree angles from one another. Unlike Chevron flooring, the Chevron floor can be arranged in a variety of angles, simply by adjusting the cutting angle of each plank's end. Furthermore, while Herringbone planks create an overlapping and broken appearance, Chevron floors boast V-shaped elements separated by straight lines that traverse the entire surface.

Despite the widespread popularity of these patterned floors, distinguishing between Herringbone and Chevron designs can sometimes be perplexing. Although both patterns involve shorter floorboards laid out at angles, it's crucial to understand the unique distinctions in their plank cutting and installation methods.

In conclusion, Herringbone hardwood floors and Chevron wood floors each offer a distinct aesthetic, and comprehending their differences in patterns and installations is essential when considering them for your living space. These flooring options, particularly Herringbone wood floors, add a touch of timeless elegance and charm to any home.


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