Industry Type: Health Care
Client: Kemwell
Location: Bangalore


Kemwell is a company in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry that offers comprehensive development and manufacturing services for organizations worldwide

It’s office in Bangalore was designed to mirror the company's commitment to excellence, it embodies a modern and open workspace, symbolizing their dedication to a contemporary and collaborative work environment with flooring being a crucial role to play


The interior designer carefully curated the flooring for this project, opting for the versatile Desso carpets from the Essence Structure collection, which offers a captivating selection of seven different color options. These carpet choices were thoughtfully selected for their ability to exude aesthetic charm and sophistication, ultimately enhancing the overall atmosphere of the office.

Essence Structure stands out as a top-tier variant with a textured finish while maintaining the practicality of disassembly and recycling. This flexible and textured carpet flooring solution is available in a range of hues and distinct designs, which serve to elevate the overall aesthetic of the office environment.

For this project we covered approximately 9,000 square feet of the office space, and the selected product was CA Desso Essence Structure AA92 9505 B1. This flooring solution was implemented across various areas within the office, including the reception area, hallways, individual cabins, cubicles, and conference rooms. As a result, the entire office was transformed into a contemporary and open workspace that reflected the desired modern aesthetic.

The deliberate choice of Desso carpets from the Essence Structure collection was driven by their ability to not only beautify the office but also to contribute to the functionality of the office environment. The textured finish of Essence Structure added a layer of sophistication and elegance to the office, creating a contemporary and open workspace.

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