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Industry Type: Office
Location: Mumbai


Finicity Technologies Pvt Ltd is set out to reimagine how technology could help people use their financial data to give people simple, accurate, and rapid insights so they can make better financial decisions. They are looking for resilient and sophisticated office flooring solutions, specifically in the form of office flooring carpet tiles, to enhance the aesthetics of their office premises.


The client selected  Desso Carpet  (Essence,  Essence Maze,  Essence Structure  & Essence Stripe) from range products. Carpet Tiles are easy to clean and remove stains. Need no wax and no polish for life.

Carpet flooring, a plush floor covering composed of tightly bound carpet fibers or stapled fibers, typically features an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. Carpeting encompasses comprehensive, wall-to-wall coverage and is commonly employed indoors, suitable for both high and low traffic areas. Typically, it maintains its quality for a span of 15-18 years before necessitating replacement. It strikes the right balance among safety, comfort, performance, and aesthetic appeal. This project was completed in Sept 2019.

We have extensive experience in delivering custom flooring solutions to a wide range of businesses, including  club house,  developers,  retail stores,  health care,  education,  hospitality,  office,  outdoors,  sports, and  pharmaceutical companies. In addition to  carpet flooring, we offer tailored solutions for  engineered wood flooring,  laminate wood flooring,  hardwood flooring,  outdoor flooring tiles,  wood tiles design,  homogeneous vinyl flooring,  heterogeneous vinyl flooring,  vinyl wall paper,  linoleum flooring,  sports flooring, and  ecofit flooring.

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