Outdoor Tile Wooden Deck Flooring At RMZ Corp In Delhi | Square Foot

RMZ Corp

Industry Type: Outdoors
Client: RMZ Corp
Location: Delhi


RMZ Corp. is India's leading developer, owner, manager and investor in prime real estate with over 20 million sq. ft. of Assets under Management. The client needed flooring for its outdoor office premises which would be easy to install, maintain and lift the ambience of the space.


We suggested long decks of Composite Merbau as it is an easy installation/ removal and maintenance feature from our  outdoor deck flooring solutions. The long decks in red hue also lent warmth to the space. This product also combines the hardness and solidity of natural bamboo with state-of-the-art technology. It is environment friendly, 100% recyclable and made with a blend of bamboo powder, thermoplastics and additives which makes it highly flexible and impact resistant. This project was completed in May 2016.

We have also provided custom flooring solutions for Restaurants , Retail Stores , Buildings , Hospitals , Schools , Airports , Pharma and other companies. Apart from Outdoor Wood floors we also offer custom solutionsin Solid Wood Floors, Laminate Floors, Vinyl Floors, Hardwood Floors, Engineered Floors and Laminate Floors

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